New Blazer Designs Working For You Means Vibrant Patterns!

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Just when style seems to be churning at an ever increasing speed, style mavericks have sought out new ways to redefine what traditionally is called “dapper style’. The thing with a traditional suit, is that in a modern era, sporting something like that daily can be a bit uncomfortable for many social settings. In fact, the whole reason why business-casual became popular lies in the flexibility of the look. At the turn of the post 2000 tech and lifestyle trends of travel, fast fashion, and social media. a new kind of style has quietly emerged. VIBRANT ART. Art is meaning within design. It makes all the sense that savvy fashionable gentlemen would embrace an awesome look and want to stick with that. Some of the best styles that constantly have reigned supreme of fashion houses have been: geometric patterns, plaid styles, and floral motifs. The three picks are staple for any modern gent and mostly of course, because of the vibrant, and flexible nature of the style.

Geometric Patterned Blazers

Geometric patterned blazers are the ideal kind of art in any kind of clothing. With the shapes of modern influence- no man can be denied as having great style! A blazer with a geometric print really calls for a style that is edgy and neat.

58soufun blazers for men

How men are wearing this look:

Sport a geometric patterned blazer with your favorite solid color dress shirt, and plain black slacks to make the look uniform. Dress shoes or black casual shoes will also suffice here.



Plaid Patterned Blazers

Plaid blazers have long remained a staple for most men. With the attractive mix of colors, against the grid pattern, a timeless style is the true definition of plaid! There’s a reason why the men of the savile row have long sported plaid blazers – neat, gentleman-like, and dapper!

58soufun blazers for men

How men are wearing this look:

For one reason or another, khaki or navy blue pants seem to work amazingly well with plaid blazers. Men who are looking for an effortless way to make the plaid blazer outfit work amazingly, can confidently sport the trend brown loafer shoes and a solid color tie/dress shirt!



Floral Blazers

If there are any blazers that are truly vibrant, it would be the floral blazer. Floral blazers offer vibrant colors and designs that no other kind of menswear really can offer! The floral motifs are reminiscent of a classical Parisian look, full of elegance and charm. Floral blazers for men are the surefire way to get a neat, and gentleman-like look.

58soufun blazers for men

How men are wearing this look:

Depending on the tone of the hues in the floral blazer, smart fashionable men are sporting floral blazers with khaki pants or navy blue chinos. Denim jeans can also be useful for this look, if worn with a white dress shirt, or perhaps even tennis shoes for a more causal look. Flexibility and style = floral blazers!



Style of an increasingly speedy fashion era, has its roots in creativity. For any guy who is apt of the lifestyle and tech changes that have become prevalent around the world, staying in style is a priority. Geometric, plaid, and floral blazer styles are all top trends that should be admired, worn, and worn again. The great thing about such styles are that you can sport them with either denim jeans or black slack for a more professional look. In other words, just because a jacket is not a solid color black or navy blue, definitely don’t discount it as an item specifically for professional use. Style for men has been changing for decades, and vibrant, and artsy designs are at the forefront of that look.

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